8 Reasons to Use Body Vibration Therapy

If maintaining a strong, toned physique is important to you, body vibrations therapy is something that you should get to know more about. This therapy is used by men and women who are physically fit and want to enhance their appearance and results. Although still relatively new, many people have used body vibration therapy Thousand Oaks with successful results. You can and should be one of the next to receive the benefits. Read below to learn eight of the biggest and best reasons to use body vibration therapy without delay.

1.    When used with traditional exercises and proper diet, this therapy can improve your strength by as much as 30%! If you want to be a bigger, stronger you, BVT can make it happen.

2.    Want to reduce training time? Add BVT to your agenda and you’ll notice an 85% reduction in the time that you spend training. This gives you more time to do the things that matter.

3.    Although BVT is now being introduced to the world, it has been around for over 40 years. There’s plenty of research to back the therapy and the benefits that it provides the user.

4.    Improved recovery time is yet another benefit that BVT users enjoy.

5.    Using this therapy helps you look and feel your best, even during intensive training sessions that overexert the body.

body vibration therapy Thousand Oaks

6.    Although designed for athletes, BVT can be used by anyone who needs to become more active, fit, and healthy. Adults 18+ can benefit from using BVT therapy.

7.    BVT therapy helps you improve your overall performance in the gym. You are always at your best when this therapy is used.

8.    You’ll improve your bone density and bone health when using this therapy. It provides chronic pain relief, including that from arthritis. You may even notice enhanced testosterone when using BVT therapy.